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Going D1: Romel Kelley

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Junior student-athlete at Washington, D.C.'s historic and prestigious Eastern seniors high school. Watch and share his story!

“Romel is a true example of an athlete who strives to always reach his Prime-Ability.”

Update: Romel Kelley will be a senior captain and defensive back for the prestigious Eastern Senior High School located in Washington, DC. He is Primed for an amazing season.

Romel Kelley is a Junior student-athlete at Washington, DC’s historic Eastern seniors high school where he plays football, basketball and is a member of the track team. A true star in all 3 sports. Romel speaks about his experience growing up in DC, navigating the distractions that come with being a DC teen, and talks about his techniques on how he balances his school workload and athletic commitment. Romel will be a senior this upcoming school year (2019/2020) and captain of the football team.

Follow him on Instagram @_everyth1ngk

Welcome to Prime Stories! Prime Ability is sports mentoring program and curriculum that focuses on the complete Student-Athlete. We focus on the mental, social and emotional development of youth to develop them athletically.

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