About Us

The mission of Prime Ability is to build communities and inspire the lives of young people through fitness. 


Alex Clark, Founder

Alex Clark is a young, passionate and committed leader who has served most of his adult life making a strong impact on student-athletes across the northeast region. Alex has worked with students of all ages from K-12, to D1 athletes, to pros. Alex has expertise coaching many sports since he was a teenager that he wanted to work and inspire young people to be their best, and his philosophy teaches you how to. How to always be PRIME. Graduating from East Hartford High School in Connecticut, Alex was a standout athlete both on the football field and basketball court that led him to a short stint as a division 1 athlete where he graduated with a degree in kinesiology from Central Connecticut State University. Like most young athletes, Alex dreamt of playing professionally, however, when that dream was no longer possible, he aimed his force to helping others reach theirs.

Inspired by the many teachers, coaches and leaders around him, Alex wanted to create a sports program that infused sports training with character development skills so that young athletes can both train at an elite level for their prospective sport, as well as enhance the way they think, make decisions and plan for their lives. The program is called PRIME ABILITY.

Alex is now a teacher at Dunbar High School located in Washington D.C, where he serves as a Health & PE teacher as well as the varsity boys basketball and girls soccer head coach. In just his second year as head coach for the soccer team, he was named 2017 DCIAA coach of the year. He most recently has started the #STAYPRIME movement in DC where he impacts students with quality fitness opportunities, the most popular being his newly launched #STAYPRIME biking program that aims to run again from March 2021-November 2021

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